No screenshots being captured?

Steps for troubleshooting monitoring

Posted by Cam on March 28, 2018

Steps to fix Truple monitoring

Most of the time when screenshots aren’t being captured, it’s because the Truple app was shut down. It just takes one, simple step to resolve this.

  1. Click the Truple app icon on the device that’s being monitored.

If you have “Wifi Preferred Upload” enabled and you are NOT connected to the internet, keep in mind it could take up to 12 hours for those screenshots to upload. To resolve this, simply connect the monitored device to the internet.

What can cause Truple to shutdown?

If you have “Prevent Tamper” enabled, then there are only two common ways Truple can be shutdown.

  1. There was an android operating system update. These occur once every 3-6 months, and on some devices result in the Truple app shutting down.
  2. Android operating system crashes. If your phone periodically restarts for no reason, thats the result of an android operating system crash. When this occurs, there is a very small chance Truple will not start up again when the device restarts.

If the “Prevent Tamper” setting is disabled for the monitored device, then the device user can shut down Truple at anytime without anyone being informed. To change this setting, visit the device settings page.

Still having problems?

Just contact me at Great service and I’ll be happy to help.

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