Android Auto Paused Apps

Truple can automatically pause screenshots for certain apps

Posted by Cam on February 26, 2020


Some apps (like Hulu, NFL, etc.) won’t allow you to view certain copyrighted videos when Truple is running. Previously the only solution was to login at and disable monitoring while you use the problematic app. Now you can designate apps as an “auto paused” app at

Auto-pause can also be used as an additional safety measure to prevent screenshots from being captured from banking, healthcare, or other apps containing private information.

How does it work?

When you open an app that has auto pause enabled for it, Truple will shutdown the screen capture permission while you use that app. This allows you to watch the video, or access the content that was previously blocked. When you’re done and you close the app that caused Truple to pause, Truple will restart the screen capture permission (On newer versions of android this means you’ll be prompted to re-grant the screen capture permission again).

How do I use this?

  1. Look for an update to your Truple android app (minimum version is 0.4.51 / 4051).
  2. Go to to modify your auto pause settings.

Does this open up loopholes?

It can. You should only enable auto pause for apps that you trust completely. You don’t have to use auto pause if you don’t want to. Just go to to disable the apps that are marked by default to be auto paused.

As an added safety measure, two new events are recorded on the Event Timeline: App paused and App resumed. Truple will still capture events while the screen capture portion of the Truple app is paused.

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