Setting Truple up on a new phone

Instructions for moving Truple over to a new device

Posted by Cam on March 9, 2020

Instructions For New Phone

To setup a new phone, simply follow the android setup guide instructions.

Instructions For Old Phone

You’ll also want to decide what to do with the old phone. If the device will stay in the house and be used occasionally, consider just leaving Truple on it to ensure it doesn’t become a temptation. If you wish to remove Truple from the old phone (because you’re getting rid of it, it’s broken, or you simply don’t want it to count against one of your monitored devices), do the following:

  1. Go to the device settings page
  2. Login with your subscribed Truple account (if necessary)
  3. Find the old phone, click on it’s name to expand it’s settings
  4. Check the delete box
  5. Click the save button in the bottom right hand corner.
  6. Restart the old phone
  7. Ensure you have an internet connection, then open up the Truple app on the old phone
  8. You should be prompted to uninstall the app. Click uninstall.

* Steps 6-8 are optional if the device is broken.

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