Update with Apple

Account still under review

Posted by Cam on April 22, 2020


In July 2019, we submitted a very early version of the Truple app to Apple to be notarized. Several days later, Apple revoked our developer certificates used to sign apps. We’ve reached out to Apple numerous times, and so far they’ve failed to provide any significant information regarding why the account was revoked.


Finally in February 2020 we released a completely new version of the MacOS app with a self signed certificate. This is acceptable for most users on MacOS because using a self signed app just takes a couple of extra clicks.

iPhone / iPad

iOS doesn’t support self signed apps though, so until the situation with Apple is resolved, you can use any app that allows you to specify a DNS over HTTPS server in order to provide internet accountability for iPhone and iPad devices. We recommend and will offer support with the open source and very highly rated DNSCloak app (see https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dnscloak-secure-dns-client/id1452162351) which provides this functionality.

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