Does Truple work in incognito / private browsing mode?

Understand how Truple functions when incognito or private browsing is used

Posted by Cam on May 21, 2020

Truple will capture screenshots when incognito or private browsing mode is used across all platforms except on Android.


The Truple app analyzes each screenshot to determine if incognito or private mode was used when the screenshot was taken. If it detects that it was in use, it will immediately send a tamper email out to all email recipients (acountability partners) including the website that was being visited while incognito mode was used. Below you can see an example of what the email looks like.

truple incognito alert example email for android

Truple provides complete internet accountability on Android as well, so every website visited is always captured and reviewable by accountability partners.

~2 years ago Google Chrome started using the Secure Flag whenever incognito/private mode is used on Android. No other platform currently behaves this way. Since that time a number of other browsers have followed suit. When the secure flag is declared no app or user can capture the contents of the screen (even you can’t, try it out!). It’s typically used for banking and financial apps–with good reason.

Legitimate Incognito Uses

Sometimes there are legitamate reasons to use incognito mode. Firefox on Android has yet to declare the secure flag when private mode is used. We recommend you use it if you wish to have a good private/incognito experience while using Truple.

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