Volunteer for Citizens for Decency

Get Truple for Free by Volunteering

Posted by Cam on July 22, 2020

People regularly reach out asking for free access to Truple. We want to be able to accommodate such requests, but building the most advanced accountability app out there requires a full time effort, and isn’t something that could be achieved merely as a hobby.

However, we also understand that sometimes people simply don’t have the money. While Truple is priced with affordability in mind, we wanted to give these individuals an opportunity to use Truple for free.

Citizens for Decency

Citizens for Decency was created at the request of a devastated widow and mother, and is focused on “giv[ing] hope to those whose lives have been ravaged by pornography and to prevent others from experiencing her pain” (source).

Citizens for Decency hosts anti-porn conferences and lobbies anti-pornography and pro-family legislation at state and national levels. For a full list of their accomplishments, see citizensfordecency.org/accomplishments.

Citizens for Decency relies on volunteers to achieve their goals. Volunteers can ideally commit 5-10 hours per week for 3-4 months, and will receive free access to Truple during that time. If you’d like to volunteer, go to citizensfordecency.org/volunteer-signup.

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