Excessive screenshots

Why Truple is limited to ~1200 screenshots per device per day

Posted by Cam on November 4, 2020


The Truple app can only load ~1200 screenshots for a given 24 hour period. This helps us keep cost low, and ensures the product works efficiently. However the Truple app allows you to set the average screenshot interval to as low as 30 seconds, and device usage varies widely from person to person. If you use your device actively for over 10 hours in a day, you could go over the 1200 screenshot limit. If your device has multiple monitors, you could go over the 1200 screenshot limit.

In order to ensure we can keep our prices reasonable, we ask that you keep the total number of screenshots to ~1200 per day or fewer.

What you should do

  1. Go to the device settings page
  2. Login if prompted
  3. Click on the device name that’s capturing too many screenshots
  4. Increase the time between screenshots, by dragging the Screenshot Interval to the right
  5. Click Save in the bottom right hand corner

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