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How to guide explaining the event timeline

Posted by Cam on November 21, 2020

Why have an event timeline?

Previously, when we didn’t have the event timeline, customers would email asking why the Truple app behaved a certain way. We had debug statements in the code that we could activate for the device in question, and it would send roughly the same information as what the event timeline currently captures. This would allow us to investigate the behavior and report back to the customer. However, it would take hours to do this for each customer, and it was something we quickly realized we couldn’t maintain.

So instead we built the event timeline, allowing customers to investigate the behavior themselves.

What events are there?

There are several event types, and each event type can have a different message. Most are self explanatory.

Non-intuitive event types

  • Screenshot Not Taken - Screenshots can fail to capture for a variety of reasons. Read the event message to gain a better understanding why, and take a look at the details below on Screenshots NOT Taken event messages.
  • Content Changed - Content within the currently used app changed. This will primarily be websites changing within web browsers, but some streaming apps capture the title of the film you’re watching as well.

Non-intuitive event messages

At times the event message isn’t intuitive. Until we find a way to make it more intuitive, we’re going to explain those messages here. If you find a message that isn’t explained, email us and we’ll update this blog post to explain it.

Screenshot NOT Taken

  • Screencast permission was revoked - On android 10 and lower and on MacOS, the Truple app requires the screencast permission to capture screenshots. If that permission is revoked, the app will be unable to capture screenshots. You should look into the surrounding events–this could be due to an attempt to bypass Truple.
  • Phone is not interactive - The android operating system reported that the phone was not in an interactive state. This indicates the phone isn’t currently being used. See https://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/PowerManager#isInteractive() for more details. This event is generally not something to worry about.
  • Screen is off - The phone’s screen is off, so no screenshot could be captured. The Truple app should pause capturing when the screen goes off, however some devices fail to deliver the screen on/off events on occasion resulting in a lot of these messages. This event is generally not something to worry about.
  • The device has been idle/Device is idle - The device hasn’t been interacted with for 5 minutes or longer. The Truple app will pause capturing screenshots once the device goes idle. This is similar to the Phone is not interactive event, but is detected in a different way. This event is generally not something to worry about. It typically occurs if someone is watching a movie on their phone, or if the phone was left with the screen on.
  • Unknown reason - On android, at times the Truple app will ask the phone for a screenshot, and the phone simply won’t provide the screenshot. It just returns a null (empty) value. This tends to occur most often on lower end devices. As far as we know, it’s not possible for the person using the phone to force this to occur, so it generally isn’t something to worry about. It’s just the phone “glitching”.
  • Error occured - An error occurred while attempting to capture the screenshot. This event is generally not something to worry about and is very rare.
  • Device is locked - The device is currently in a locked state, most likely showing a login screen. The Truple app won’t capture screenshots in this state. This generally isn’t something to worry about.
  • Monitoring has been disabled - Monitoring is disabled, but the app is still attempting to capture screenshots. This occurs very rarely, and isn’t generally something to worry about.

Tamper Detected

We don’t explain all the tamper detection events in an effort to prevent people from using them. If you have any questions please reach out.

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