Plan Changes

Reason behind plan changes

Posted by Cam on August 14, 2021

Why did we remove plans?

There’s a number of reasons. To boil it down though, it’s primarily to make more profit. I’m not trying to hide this.

For perspective, a little over 2 years ago I quit my day job to work on Truple full time. I took a 70% pay cut, and my wife, myself, and our (now) 3 kids were living off savings for quite a while. After a few months our lease expired and we moved in to live with family so that we could extend our runway and give Truple the best chance of success. Due to covid and a ridiculous housing market, we’re actually still living with family. A lot of personal sacrifice has been made to get Truple to the point it is today. Not only by me, but by my wife, my kids, and even our extended family. Two years have now passed since I quit my job to go full time on Truple, and Truple has now reached a size where it’s replaced my previous income.

Need to hire

However, at some point, I need to hire help. I have answered emails 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year for the last 4+ years. Whenever we go on vacation, camping, to the hospital for the birth of a child, etc. I’m taking my computer and a mobile hotspot with me to offer customer support while there. I juggle customer support with engineering and business administration work. It’s getting harder and more difficult to actually get things done. New features aren’t being released as often as I’d like simply because there are so many demands on my time. Long story short, I need help.

Cost breakdown

For the longest time I only considered hosting costs when I looked at how much Truple cost to run. When I did that it made a lot of sense to charge per device. The more devices, the higher my costs, the more the customer should pay. However this is ignoring an expense that far outweighs hosting costs. Engineering time. It takes a lot of time to build out new features, and all customers benefit from them regardless of how many devices they use.

Increase in expenses

In the past four years, processor fees have increased, as well as hosting costs. I’ve added loads of new features like end-to-end encryption, text redaction, screenshot risk ratings, website tracking, screen time reporting, etc. Each of these features not only takes time for me to build out, but also costs money to support and maintain.

In closing

My hope is that the plan changes are justified. I believe they are. No other accountability app offers what we offer, and Truple is often referred to as the best accountability app available by individuals who’ve actually taken the time to test each of the apps out there.

My ultimate goal for Truple is to build products to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the temptations online. To use technology to fight back against the temptations of the world, not just be tempted by the world through technology. I want to thank you for your support in helping me get Truple this far, and hopefully for your continued support going forward.


Founder/CEO/Customer Support/Engineer/Everything

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