Immediate Alerts

Accountability partners can now receive immediate alerts if a bad website/app is used.

Posted by Cam on May 13, 2020

Email recipients (accountability partners) can now optionally receive immediate alerts whenever a known bad app or website is visited. The alerts are sent out within seconds of opening the app or website. Alerts will only be sent out once every 15 minutes per device. Alerts for the same webpage will only be sent out once per day.

False postives

At times alerts will be triggered on websites that they shouldn’t be triggered for. When this occurs, please reply to the email indicating the website is miscategorized as high risk. We can typically recategorize within 24-48 hours.

Get Started

To get started with immediate alerts, you’ll need to delete email recipients if they already exist then re add them with the Immediate Alerts enabled. You can do this from the reports page.

You’ll also need to make sure the app on the device being monitored is a new enough version. Immediate alerts are available on the following versions of each platform:

  • Android 0.4.2+
  • Kindle Fire 0.4.2+
  • Chrome OS 1.1.0+
  • Windows 0.7.0+
  • Mac - not yet available
  • Linux - not yet available
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) all versions

We will be releasing these versions the week ending 5/17/2020. By 5/17/2020 all versions should be available.

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