Ultimate online protection for Android

Screenshot accountability & filtering will help you destroy your porn habits

Posted by Cam on June 2, 2020

Ultimate Protection - Screenshot accountability & Filtering

Web filters rarely work as well as people want. The chart below gives a summary of how they fail (see blog post for more details).

Issue Screenshot Accountability Filtering
Porn Websites
Sexual/Pornographic Social Media Content only by blocking all social media site
Sexual Ads on normal websites
ECommerce sites w/ lingerie, bikinis, etc.
Newly created Porn Sites Sites must be categorized before they're blocked
Sexual images on search engines Explicit pornography blocked. Sexual content still accessible.
Allows you to use your device how you want
Works when offline
Level of difficulty to bypass Extremely difficult Difficult
Focus Screen Content
Judgement made by accountability partner with hints provided by computer algorithm analyzing screen content and webpage.
Internet traffic
Judgement made by computer analyzing dns traffic.
Price $5 / month for 1st device, includes filtering $5 / month

If you want the ultimate protection from pornography, you’ll want to both filtering and screenshot accountability. For $5 / month, you can have both. Use promo code filterAndScreenshots for a 14 day free trial.

Screenshot accountability doesn’t suffer from the limitations filters have because it focuses on the root of the problem–the content on your screen. It handles porn in offline content, mixed content sites, social media, Youtube, and more.

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