How Epic Game's #FreeFortnite movement impacts Truple.

Posted by Cam on August 13, 2020

Apple controls iOS. They do not allow iPhone owners to install apps that Apple doesn’t want them to install. They do not allow app developers to use features that would make accountability and parental control apps much more effective on iOS. Apple does not allow app developers to process payments without first taking a 30% cut.

Apple’s control over iOS has impacted Truple, as well as all accountability and parental control apps on iPhone/iPad. They’ve prevented any form of effective accountability or parental control against pornography. All accountability and/or parental control apps claiming to protect against pornography can easily be bypassed on iOS (unless you limit the phone’s functionality to the point that the phone is as smart as a dumb phone).

Epic Games, creators of the popular game Fornite, have just launched an “Epic” battle against Apple, fighting for all that developers and iPhone/iPad owners should be allowed to install apps without going through the App Store, and that developers shouldn’t be required to give Apple a 30% cut of all their profits in order to have an app run on iOS.

Epic brings this suit to end Apple’s unfair and anti-competitive actions that Apple undertakes to unlawfully maintain its monopoly in two distinct, multibillion dollar markets: (i) the iOS App Distribution Market, and (ii) the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market (each as defined below). Epic is not seeking monetary compensation from this Court for the injuries it has suffered. Nor is Epic seeking favorable treatment for itself, a single company. Instead, Epic is seeking injunctive relief to allow fair competition in these two key markets that directly affect hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of thousands, if not more, of third-party app developers. source

It is in the best interest of anyone who wishes to protect themselves or their loved ones from pornography, that Epic Games wins against Apple. If Epic Games wins, it could open the doors for apps to be sideloaded and/or installed from third party App stores not controlled by Apple. It would mean accountability and parental control apps could exist for iPhone users that aren’t first crippled by Apple.

To read Epic Game’s legal complaint against Apple, click here.

We would also like to invite and encourage all accountability and parental control apps to encourage their users to support the #FreeFortnite movement.

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