Warning for those of you who are tech savvy puzzle lovers

Understand what digging too deep means

Posted by Cam on November 5, 2020


I occasionally receive emails from customers who report a loophole with Truple software. They’d clearly spent hours, if not days, researching and playing around with the app, triggering several tamper events in the process until they finally found a way to shut the Truple app down. The techniques they find require taking some action on the computer that requires admin permissions.

Which gets to the whole point of this article. If you do not want to give up admin permissions, do not spend hours looking for loopholes.

Why can’t I just “fix the loophole”? Generally speaking, we already have an extremely high bar in place so computer admins can’t easily bypass Truple. However when a loophole is found that uses admin permissions, even if we attempt to patch it, there’s generally a way for the computer admin to bypass the patch we put in place.

If we patch the patches patch, and continue to do so, it becomes a never ending problem and the Truple software will become bloated as a result, causing the app to perform poorly for all users.

In these situations it’s best to simply give up device admin permissions. You can accomplish this by using a super long admin password, writing it down and giving it to your accountability partner or spouse to hold for you.

If you don’t want to bother them, you could consider using tools like https://www.pluckeye.net/abmindicate.html, however we have not tested them and they are generally dangerous because you could mistakenly lock yourself out of your account.

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