Truple for Windows Released!

Use Truple Screenshot Accountability™ on your Windows laptops and desktops

Posted by Cam on January 31, 2019


Truple for Windows (beta) has been released for Windows 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit). The Truple app site has been updated as well. Truple for Windows has been in a private alpha test for the past several months, and it’s become quite stable over that time. To get started adding a windows device to your account, simply go to the devices page of the web application.
Note: The Android app will be updated in the coming weeks to handle adding windows devices. For now only the web application can be used.

Truple for Windows currently comes with the following features:

  • Website blackout from the screenshots for over 8000 banking sites, government sites, and other sites that may contain sensitive information. If you find a sensitive site is still being captured, please email Great service to get it resolved. Truple screenshot accountability bank website blocking to maintain privacy
  • Screenshot blurring with up to 5 different levels of blur Truple screenshot accountability image blurring to maintain privacy
  • Adjustable average screenshot frequency, between every 1 and 5 minutes. Frequency is still random, but will average to the value you set.

The following features may be released at a future date:

  • Tamper detection alerts (currently in alpha testing)
  • Text Redaction (Blacking out words)

Add Windows devices to your account now by logging into the Truple app at!

If you have any additional questions contact Great service.

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