Windows Version 2 Beta Release

New and improved Truple for Windows

Posted by Cam on February 19, 2020


On February 19th, 2020, we released a completely new version of Truple for Windows. This new version uses a completely new technology, and comes with support for Smart Screenshot Capture, Event Timeline, Website Capture, and App and Screen Stats and partial full support (as of March 14th) for Screenshot Risk Ratings. Because of the technology change, the upgrade will not be seamless. You’ll need to uninstall the old Truple app, then install the new app and set the device up. You’ll also want to delete the old device (install) from your account. To do this, go to, click on the device name representing the old install to expand it’s settings, check the delete box, then click the save button in the bottom right hand corner.

If you need any help, please contact

Why a new version?

Version 1 of Truple for Windows was built on Java. Java makes a number of great claims, including platform independence which we wanted to achieve. However the following issues have led to us investing time into new technology:

  • While Java claims platform independence, many of Truple’s requirements require specific platform dependent code. Java is an older language, with fewer and fewer contributors to code libraries. Adding more features would require writing and maintaining more code than necessary.
  • Java comes with no great install builders. Just as much time was spent trying to create an installer for the Java version on Windows as it was building the application itself. With the hopes of Java being platform independent, we didn’t want to repeat that investment simply for an installer on each platform.
  • A number of users reported that the Java application didn’t recover 100% of the time after the laptop exited sleep or hibernate mode.
  • A small number of users experienced issues setting the device up.
  • Java itself is undergoing a lot of legal and licensing changes at the moment as well

The new version is based on Electron, which uses nodejs. Electron gives us the same platform independence, with greater open source support, easy to use install builders, and should resolve the other issues previously mentioned as well.

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