Screenshot risk ratings released!

Easily see the most concerning screenshots

Posted by Cam on October 7, 2019

See instructions below for enabling on your devices–it’s not enabled by default.

Screenshot Ratings

The latest version of Truple for Android now provides risk ratings for each screenshot. Higher risk screenshots are typically more concerning, and should be given appropriate attention from parents and accountability partners. The risk rating engine currently recognizes pornography and other sexual content. It also has partial support for recognizing gambling and drugs. In the future we hope to add more to the list. Ratings are determined based on the content of the screenshot and/or other contextual data available to the Truple app.

Truple will continue to provide screenshots of all risk levels. It’s important to realize that no algorithm can replace the accuracy and effectiveness of a trusted friend or loved one reviewing the screenshots. We recommended you continue to review screenshots of all risk levels as often as possible.

Device Performance

We’ve worked hard to optimize the screenshot ratings engine to not impact the device performance or mobile data usage. If you do notice an impact, please reach out and we’ll see if there are optimizations we can make to improve how it runs for you.

Get Started

To enable screenshot ratings for your android device, update your Truple app to the latest version then go to to enable the rate screenshot feature.

Screenshot ratings for Windows devices, as well as Truple for other platforms are currently in the works.

If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out at

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