Smart Screenshot Capture, Device Stats, Event Timelines, Website Capture, released!

Four powerful features to close even the smallest loopholes

Posted by Cam on November 19, 2019

Truple is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online. We’ve just released four new features to help keep you and your loved ones accountable.

Smart Screenshot Capture

Truple Smart Screenshot Capture works alongside the randomized screenshots. The latest version of the Truple app for Android will now analyze the websites and apps being used and immediately capture a screenshot if a concerning app or website is opened. We have ~2 million pornographic, gambling, and drug sites already categorized, with more being categorized on a daily basis. This closes up the opportunity for a quick “peek” at any harmful content.

To get started using Smart Screenshot Capture, simply update any Truple android app that has monitoring enabled.

App Usage and Screen Time Statistics

Quickly and easily see how you or a loved one is spending time on their android device. With two easy to read charts, you can see exactly which apps are being viewed as well as the times of day (or night) that the screen is turned on. Let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more data made available.

screen time

apps used

To view App Usage and Screen Time statistics, go to the new stats page.

Event Timeline

At times we’ve had customers desperate for real accountability reach out with concern over what occured between screenshots. The Event Timeline provides the insight that will alleviate those concerns. It records events like:

  • App Opened/Closed
  • Website Visited
  • Tamper / Bypass Attempt
  • Screenshot Captured
  • Screenshot Not Captured, with accompanying reason why
  • Phone Turned On / Off
  • Truple App Launched / Shutdown
  • and more

What makes it great is many of the events can be captured even if the app was somehow shutdown.

event timeline
To view Event Timelines, go to the new stats page.

Website Capture

We now provide a supplemental list of websites viewed on android devices. Use this list to see what websites were viewed between screenshots. If you find one that was not marked as high risk that should have been, let us know and we’ll get it updated immediately.

website / domain capture list
To view the list of websites visited, go to the new stats page.

Event Timelines, App Usage and Screen Time Statistics, and Website Capture are currently only available for account owners to view at In the coming weeks we hope to release it for all email recipients (accountability partners) as well. In the meantime, please give us feedback and let us what you think.

If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out at

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