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Give the gift of accountability

Posted by Cam on December 16, 2019

Between now and January 1st, we’d like to invite you to give the gift of accountability.

How it works

To give a gift, simply email before January 1st requesting a discount code tied to your account. Once you receive the discount code, your gift recipient will receive a discount equal to your on going subscription price for 3 months. If your friend stays subscribed from 3-6 months, you can receive a discount equal to their subscription for those months.

For example, say Bob is a current subscriber to Truple on a family plan ($16 / month). Bob can request a discount code to give to his friend Joan. Joan subscribes to the 2 device plan using Bob’s discount code. This means Joan will receive 3 months of Truple for free. Joan continues to stay subscribed from the 3rd through 6th month. During this time, Bob would receive a 50% discount off his subscription since Joan’s 2 device plan is valued at $8–half of Bob’s family plan.

Fine Print

We sincerely want to give a substantial gift, and we want to enable you to give a substantial gift as well. Each gift given has the potential to enable both giver and receiver to use Truple for free for 3 months. However, in a desire to prevent abuse, the following conditions will be enforced:

  • If you give a gift and then you cancel your subscription, the gift recipients discount will be removed.
  • If you give a gift and then decrease your subscription, the gift recipients discount will be decreased to match.
  • If you give a gift, and the recipient stays subscribed beyond 3 months, you must email requesting the discount be applied to your account.*
  • Only one discount can be used on an account at any given time.
  • You cannot stack or extend discounts.
  • Discounts cannot be redeemed for any monetary value.
  • All unredeemed discount codes expire on January 4th.
  • Truple reserves the right to discontinue gifts and discounts at anytime for any reason.

* We wish we could automate the whole gift giving process, however we’re currently working on other features and platforms for Truple, so we’ll rely on you emailing us.

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