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Get a free trial of filtering and screenshot accountability!

Posted by Cam on January 31, 2020

For a limited time we’re offering a free trial! The free trial will grant you access to the screenshot accountability app (and the filter app through the subscription bundle).

How do I use the free trial to gain access to the premium filter features?

Sign up for a screenshot accountability subscription at and use the promo code filter2020.

The screenshot accountability subscription grants you access to both the premium features of the web filter and screenshot accountability. We strongly recommend you use screenshot accountability as well. Accountability apps are much more effective at enabling behavioral changes compared to filtering.

To get started using the premium web filter features, follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to the screenshot accountability subscription at using the promo code filter2020.
  2. Install the Truple Web Filter app from
  3. Start the filter
  4. Click “Lock Filter”
  5. Click “Subscribe”
  6. Click on “Screenshot Accountability Login”
  7. Login using your Screenshot accountability subscription credentials and you’ll be granted premium access to the filter.

Please note, free trials are only available for first time customers.

What is screenshot accountability?

Screenshot accountability holds you accountable in a way that’s near impossible to bypass by capturing and sharing screenshots with a trusted friend or loved one. Accountability apps don’t try to block what you do on your device. Accountability apps provide several benefits over filtering apps, including:

  1. Filters rarely work how people expect them to. Most people expect filters to block out every piece of “bad” content–even from acceptable sites like social media. Filters don’t work that way. Filters block or allow websites… not portions of websites. If a specific page on the website has bad content, like a porn star’s social media profile, but the rest of the site is acceptable, filters will fail to block that content unless you choose to block all access to that social media site. This is where screenshot accountability shines. It’s up to the trusted friend to review what you’re doing, and they can work with you if you stumble.
  2. Opening up to someone about your struggles will help a lot more than most think it will. It makes a huge impact.
  3. Truple’s Screenshot Accountability app is much more difficult to bypass than a filter because the app doesn’t need to perfectly understand what you’re looking at. It just captures screenshots.
  4. When you use screenshot accountability you’ll become better at avoiding and confronting temptation–not just being protected from it.

Our screenshot accountability app is packed with features–read about them as well as user reviews and download the app at

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